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Uncovering the truths behind the tobacco industry’s deception

Most adult smokers initiate tobacco use during adolescence, which then continues into adulthood. According to a 2020 report by WHO, nearly nine out of 10 smokers start smoking before 18 years

Webinar: Advocates Speak on the Need for a Smoke-free Nollywood

The National Tobacco Control Act, 2015 prescribes a ban on tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship (TAPS). In Nigeria, the tobacco industry has continued to promote its products from subtle to

NTCA Pays Advocacy Visit to Minister of State for Health

Group photo with the Minister of State in his office Chairman of the Nigeria Tobacco Control Alliance, Mr. Akinbode Oluwafemi led a delegation of Alliance members on an advocacy visit

NTCA Secures SON Commitment on Effective Tobacco Control in Nigeria

A delegation from the NTCA led by the Chairman, Mr. Akinbode Oluwafemi, on Friday, 29 July, 2022, paid an advocacy visit to the Director General (DG) of the Standards Organisation

NTCA Reads Riot Act to Big Brother Naija Over On-Screen Smoking

The Nigeria Tobacco Control Alliance (NTCA) has read the riot act to organisers of the popular reality television programme Big Brother Naija (BBN) against on-screen smoking by its participants. In

Stakeholders Seek Enforcement of Public Smoke-Free campaign

As the World No Tobacco Day (WNTD) holds, today, World Health Organisation (WHO), stop smoking and no tobacco advocates and civil society organisations (CSOs) have urged the government at all

Key takeaways from the launch of the Tobacco Atlas 7th edition

The 7th edition of the Tobacco Atlas launched on May 18, 2022 with three key takeaways: For the first time, global smoking prevalence has fallen, but with 1.3 billion global

VAGINAL TOBACCO: A Hidden Health Danger for Women

By Paul Ashibel Tobacco is an umbrella name given to over 70 species of plants in the genus nicotiana and the family Solanaceae. It is used to refer to the

The Trophies of Smoking – Gone With a Puff

Cigarette tobacco, waterpipe tobacco, and smokeless tobacco products such as cigars, cigarolls, and pipe tobacco are known to contain several cancer-causing toxins, they are known to cause cancer of the lungs, head, throat, esophagus and oral cavity.

Alliance Asks FG To Operationalize Tobacco Control Fund

The Nigeria Tobacco Control Alliance (NTCA) has called on the federal government to operationalise the tobacco control fund in the interest of Nigerians and their safety. The alliance made the