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NTCA Convenes Meeting on Tobacco Control Funding

The Nigeria Tobacco Control Alliance on April 18, 2023, convened an inaugural meeting of the National Tobacco Control Budget Advocates (NATOBA) in Abuja.

Group photograph of Advocates with an official of the Fed. Ministry of Health

The group was inaugurated with the mandate to advocate for improved and sustained funding for tobacco control activities in the country.

The 2023 Appropriation Act makes provision for the sum of ₦4.7 million for the implementation of the National Tobacco Control Act, 2015 and its Regulations of 2019. This amount is a 50% drop from the 2022 allocation. The unfortunate slash in the tobacco control budget has been greeted with dissatisfaction by the tobacco control community.

Tobacco kills over 8 million people globally, and in Nigeria, tobacco use is responsible for the loss of over 28, 000 lives annually. In the face of this public health challenge, tobacco control measures designed to deal with the menace are grossly underfunded by the FG.

Members of the group are drawn from civil society and the media and will vigorously engage the FG to ensure that tobacco control budgeting is prioritized and improved upon.


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